Fort Stewart soldiers deploy to Iraq

By Lynda Figueredo - bioemail

FORT STEWART, GA (WTOC) - It was an emotional morning at Fort Stewart as families say goodbye to their loved ones. The soldiers with the 3rd Infantry Division - 4th Infantry Brigade Combat team are heading to Iraq.

With bags in hand hundreds of Fort Stewart soldiers with the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat team left for Iraq. For many its not their first time heading to war.

"I'm kinda nervous a little bit, but this is my third deployment, so I know what I am going into, what we are going into," said Staff Sgt. Larry Johnson.

"I have been through it before," said Carol Andrews.

Saying goodbye to their loved ones doesn't get any easier, especially for the Huggins family.

"This time there are four kids now instead of two, and each deployment is hard," said wife Shannon Huggins. "They don't get any easier, just wait until they end."

"This is the third time, and it doesn't get any easier, because we really miss him when he is gone," said mother Rose Huggins.

So do the children, but they are proud of their deployed mom's and dads.

"I am very proud of him, because without soldiers, we could be taken over by other countries." said 11-year-old Katie Huggins.

This deployment is also very different for the soldiers.

"The last deployment was part of the surge, that is when we went in and did what we had to do," said Spc. Patrick Andrews. "This time it's more like an assistant and advise."

"What I am looking forward too, is just going over there and doing what we can do to help Iraq," said Staff Sgt. Larry Johnson.

The families say they could not be more proud.

"You can never explain how proud you are of him and his comrades," said Katie Huggins.

"I hope they get home soon," added Rose Huggins.

"Good luck and god bless," said Carol Andrews.

The rest of the 3,500 soldiers with the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat team will continue to deploy throughout the month. They are expected to be in Iraq for the next year.

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