Tea Party rally in Forsyth Park draws crowd

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Several hundred people gathered in Forsyth Park Monday morning for the Savannah Tea Party Rally to express their support for the conservative movement.

Elected officials, including Congressman Jack Kingson spoke about they say is the public's dissatisfaction with the policies of the Obama Administration, like Wall Street bailouts, the stimulus plan and healthcare reform.

For many in attendence what was being said matched in importance by their right to be heard.

"For me it's just that we have the freedom to gather like this and speak what we're passionate about. Our forefathers gave their life's blood for the freedom to gather in a public forum like this," said Kathryn Johnson, Senator Eric Johnson's wife.

"The Tea Party movement is not about political party, it's not about party. It's really about love of country and trying to make us in Washington pay attention to the grass roots and quit the backroom deal making," Congressman Jack Kingston told WTOC.

WTKS radio personality Bill Edwards served as host for the rally.

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