Sylvania man goes above and beyond for patriotism

SYLVANIA, GA (WTOC) - Plenty of people flew American flags over this Fourth of July weekend, but one Sylvania man found a unique way to display his patriotism.

Dallas LeMaster and a friend of his painted an American flag in Dallas' front yard. He was still touching up some spots Monday morning, but says the two needed about eight hours Saturday evening to do the job, as well as two gallons of red and white paint each and two cans of blue spray paint.

Dallas says they both care too much for the nation's flag to leave any detail out.

"Everything is in perfect detail. There are 50 stars and they're in the right sequence of rows. We measured the stripes to be 20 inches wide. You won't find anything out of proportion here," Dallas told WTOC.

Dallas says he'll try to touch up the flag for a couple of weeks. He is not sure how long it will last after that.

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