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Money Wise--The Most Likeable Lemonades

You've heard the old saying, if life hands you a bunch of lemons, make lemonade. But if you really want lemonade, it's a lot easier to just go out and buy it, right? Well, with all this nice weather we've been having, now might be the time to place your order for a tall lemonade. But before you do that, the Good Housekeeping Institute had its testers rate a number of leading brands. 

"We take all of these drinks and we put them in a container that doesn't have the brand name on them," explained GHI's nutrition director Delia Hammock.

The lemonade is served in glasses marked only with different dots. Just like discriminating wine connoisseurs, these tasters sniff, sip, swish and swallow. According to them, the nation's best-selling lemonade, Country Time powder, wasn't the overall favorite.

"The majority of people thought that the Country Time was a bit watery," said Hammock. "But Country Time says millions have loved its lemonade since it was introduced in 1975."

A favorite was Minute Maid's premium lemonade.

"I thought that it was a good balance between sweet and tart," tester Liz Borod.

But the lemonade that which took the gold was Florida's Natural Premium Home-Squeezed Style.

"It had a good balance between sweet and tart and was very fresh and fresh tasting," explained Hammock. "It had a nice amount of pulp as well."

That pulp in this brand, though, actually comes from grapefruit. A minor detail on that perfect summer day. Good Housekeeping says the Florida's Natural lemonade has no artificial ingredients and no aftertaste. You can see the full results of Good Housekeeping's lemonade taste test on the magazine's website.

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Reported by: Dmitra Denmark,

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