Jones' Day in Court

Jones (r) in court.
Jones (r) in court.

Savannah city alderman David Jones was in court today facing DUI charges in a fatal car crash. Police say Jones' truck collided head on last January with Ola Brown's car. Brown died at the scene. Police say it was Brown who caused the accident, even though blood-alcohol tests showed both Jones and Brown were above the legal limit of .08. Jones' level was .124, but in court today, his lawyer, Jay Blackburn, said those tests may not be very credible and the reason might surprise you.

"They didn't test for his alcohol level till three hours after," said Blackburn.

State law says the blood-alcohol test must be done within three hours of the incident. The judge denied Blackburn's request for dismissal and moved the case to state court.

Reported by: Elizabeth Garcia,