Riverfront Body Latest

Police investigators secured the crime scene where a body was found yesterday morning, and wrapped things up for the day just before sundown. Police say that the brush is so dense surrounding the area, that it's not safe for investigators working there at night. The body was taken to the crime lab for identification, so at this point they mystery continues as to who it is.

Just before 11:30am yesterday, employees at the Marriott Hotel noticed something strange. Police and detectives were around the corner searching. Word quickly spread that a dead body had been found. Immediately the question became, is it 12-year-old Ashleigh Moore, the girl who's been missing for nearly one month?

"Savannah police have been in contact with the Moore family from the very beginning of this investigation," said police spokesman Bucky Burnsed. "We've been in contact with them today. They were told the same thing, simply that we have a body."

Other than that, police are releasing few details. They won't even say if they've contacted any other families.

"We want to cover all of our bases. We want to make sure we do everything right," said Burnsed.

In the meantime, people like Curtis Brown, who's been helping Ashleigh's family by leading community searches, are preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best.

"I'm hoping it's not Ashleigh, but soon we'll find out," he said. "We need to bring closure to this."

Investigators are continuing work today. Autopsy results are expected within the next few days.

Reported by: Holly Bristow, hbristow@wtoc.com