Midway victim describes armed robbery at ATM

By Michelle Paynter - bio | email

MIDWAY, GA (WTOC) - A robber struck in broad daylight, holding up a Midway woman at a drive-through ATM. While he is still on the run, he was caught on camera in the act.

The robbery happened Thursday afternoon at the Heritage Bank on Butler Street in Midway.

Tuesday was the first time Faye Parr has returned to the bank since she was robbed. She said it was still light outside, but the ATM is located in the back, near a patch of woods.

"There's no protection. There are no businesses back here," Parr said.

Parr said she withdrew $300 at the time of the robbery. "When the ATM pushed my money out. Some of it fell on the ground. It spit it out, one $20 bill. It spit it on the ground."

Parr leaned out of her car to pick up the cash, that's when the robber ran from the woods, right up to her car.

"He held a gun in my face," she said. "I just threw the money at him, got my car in drive and took off."

She said she got a pretty good look at the robber. "He was young, he was white, he was tall, thin."

Parr said he called her ma'am.

Investigators with the Liberty County Sheriff's Office are hoping something the robber was wearing in the video will look familiar to someone.

Det. Brian Barnes said, "The scarf on his face, it has some lettering that someone may recognize, also his shoes are black Converse. We called them cat heads. They have red or orange shoe strings in them."

"We think he may live in Liberty County somewhere," said deputy chief Keith Moran.

Sheriff's deputies and Parr fear if this robber isn't caught, he could strike again.

Parr said the bank did reimburse her for the money the robber took, but what she really wants is for the bank to move that ATM.

"I think they should move the ATM to the front of this building so people would be more protected."

Investigators say Parr isn't the first person to be robbed outside this bank. In fact, a man was killed making a night deposit here in 2002.

Parr said she knows what happened to her could have been much worse, and those scary images on the surveillance video, Parr can't escape.

"It never leaves your mind, not even for one minute," she said.

If you have any information about the robber, call the Liberty County Sheriff's Office at 912.876.4555 or call 911. Investigators say he is armed and dangerous.

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