Former Eichholz employees file lawsuits

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A disbarred Savannah attorney could find himself in more legal trouble. An attorney for two of Benjamin Eichholz's former employees filed a lawsuit for up to $10 million in damages from the firm. Elizabeth Heaney and Jakqueline German were hardest hit by Eichholz's embezzlement of nearly a million dollars from pension and retirement accounts.

He was ordered to pay back $50,000.

"It's been emotionally devestating for them, watching their retirement funds dry up, essentially disappear for reasons unknown. We intend to investigate it fully and make sure that their retirements are fully protected," said Drew Gorman, attorney for the plaintiffs.

Eichholz plead guilty to obstructing justice in the investigation and is currrently serving an 18 month sentence in a federal prison.

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