Hair salon could be flooded out of business

By Brian Entin - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA  (WTOC) - Heavy rain caused flooding across Savannah for most of the day on Tuesday. But for one hair salon on Bull Street, when it rains, it floods right inside the business.

The owner of ColorBoxx, Nikki Friedhoffer, said water comes in the back door of her business and also down the walls. "I work really hard to make sure my clients are pleased and this is what I get for it," Friedhoffer said.

Friedhoffer has tried contacting her landlord, but said the landlord said it's the developers problem because the water is coming from a courtyard which is common area.

The developer blames it on the city because he said the city has a problem with storm drainage in the area, and it's impossible to control the water when it has nowhere to go.

The developer says he has hired engineers and tried to fix the problem.

"The developer puts it on the city, and the city puts it on the developer, and all I know is I'm a small business person, and my staff counts on me to make sure the clients are happy," Friedhoffer says.

Friedhoffer said this is the second time this month the salon has flooded and she won't be able to stay in the location if it continues to happen.

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