Ashleigh Moore's Classmates Hear the News

Ashleigh Moore's school got a call from her church soon after today's announcement. The principal of DerRnne Middle School told the teachers and they gently broke the news to Ashleigh's classmates that police had identified her body.

The school brought grief counselors in to talk with students, especially those who were very close to Ashleigh. The principal also sent a notice home to parents, explaining what the kids had been told. People at DeRenne Middle School were still hoping Ashleigh would be found alive.

"You see it, you see it in the news. You know these things happen, but when it is this close to you, you can't wrap your mind around it to believe it," said Marsha Tolbert, the school's principal.

Blue ribbons have been hanging around the school as a symbol of hope for her safe return. They have not yet taken them down.

Reported by: Holly Bristow,