Heat wave fuels utility demand

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Temperatures of more than 100 degrees were recorded in Palmetto Electric's service area over the past few weeks, according to the utility company.  

The increase in kilowatt usage is direct result of the extreme temperatures and high humidity levels, which force air conditioners to work harder in residences and businesses.

Air conditioning is the majority of usage on most consumers' summer electric bills, according to a Palmetto Electric news release.

The company recommended that residents set their thermostat to 85 degrees when their residence is vacant for several days or longer.  

More tips from Palmetto Electric:

  • Set thermostats at 78 degrees. Consumers will added about 8 percent to their cooling cost for each degree below this setting.
  • Use ceiling fans or portable fans when using the higher thermostat setting.
  • Make sure the air return filters are clean.
  • Check the duct system for any gaps or leaks. Repairs should be made by a qualified heating and air conditioning contractor.
  • Check around doors and windows and caulk and using weather stripping around areas that need it.
  • Close window treatments to prevent sunlight from heating the inside of the home.
  • Avoid indoor activities that add heat to the home. Cook outdoors or use the microwave and do laundry early in the morning or late at night.

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