Grieving for Ashleigh

Ashleigh Moore's family learned the news this morning from investigators that a body found yesterday is that of the missing 12-year-old girl. Longtime friend of Ashleigh's Mother's Rev. C. MeGill Brown Brown from the Second African Baptist Church was with her at the time. WTOC spoke with him this afternoon about how the family is dealing with the news. Naturally this is an extremely difficult time for the family, especially after such a public and difficult ordeal.

"Now the healing process can begin," said Rev. Brown.

Speaking on behalf of the family, he says they are together, and Ashleigh's mother, Michelle, is coping the best she can.

"The family is together in prayer, because it's their faith that's going to bring them through this and nothing else," he said.

Two weeks ago, Ashleigh's mother, Michelle, thanked volunteers who searched endlessly for her daughter. Through Rev. Brown, the family again extended their appreciation to investigators and people in the community, who spent tireless hours looking for Ashleigh.

"I've seen Savannah come together like never before," Rev. Brown said. "Individuals who have never met Michelle, who never met Ashleigh, were calling, supporting, praying and working with the family."

They posted fliers, searched, prayed, and hoped against hope Ashleigh would come home. Now they pray for the strength to go on.

"It is their faith in God that's brought the family this far and it's only their faith that's going to take them on," said Rev. Brown, adding, "God picked one of the prettiest flowers to take to heaven."

The family has asked that everyone respect their privacy as they grieve after a very public, very difficult ordeal. We will also let you know when a memorial service will be held for Ashleigh.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,