Blind man has trouble voting

By Brooke Kelley - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Friday marks the last day of advanced voting for the Georgia primary election. Lots of people have taken advantage of the voting early, but for one man, casting that ballot was literally not easy.

Dr. Jack Lewis is like many voters who wanted to avoid long lines, so he made sure to come out this week to vote early.

Dr. Lewis is visually impaired and uses a special audible voting machine the county provides at each polling place so those with disabilities can cast their ballots.

Sounds simple enough, but Dr. Lewis says not so much.

"I came here and they could not get the machine to work. They then got another one and then told me they would have to take care of it later and wait for someone else with the election office to help out. so, I left and told them I would come back," said Dr. Lewis.

The director of the Voter Registration Office, Sandra Williams, says they did a problem with the machines on Wednesday. But she says Lewis didn't want to wait for them to resolve it.

"We have our handicap accessible stations set up at all our polling sites. We train our workers on how to address these issues; however, technical problems can occur at anytime," said Williams.

Williams did offer her apologies for the inconvenience but says they would never turn a voter away.

Dr. Lewis did come back to vote on Thursday and had no issues.

He was happy to cast his ballot and is hopeful others with disabilities get their chance to vote trouble free.

"Even though we are a minority and not a big percentage using these machines, we are still just as important as the sighted community," said Dr. Lewis.

Sandra Williams from the Chatham County Voter Registration office did offer to speak with Dr. Lewis so they can work together to make sure everyone's vote counts.

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