Former B.C. teammates teaching life skills through football

By DaShawn Brown - email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) – They're teaching life lessons with the game they love.

Former Benedictine football teammates Lamar Owens and Akeeno Mitchell are using this premise as the foundation for "Success Sports."  For the second straight year, the two organized a football camp for Savannah youth, teaching the fundamentals of the game, while providing life skills and principles along the way.

"Success can come in so many different shapes," said Owens, currently an A-backs coach at Georgia Tech.

"So many people think that success is the big house or the fancy car or a lot of money but we really believe that you can be successful in anything you put your mind to if you have a plan, if you the passion, if you have the desire."

Co-founder Akeeno Mitchell added, "Its fun actually working with the kids."

"It's fun seeing the kids smile, seeing the enjoyment on their face when they accomplish something."

This year's camp drew a little under 40 participants.

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