Ga. schools' Adequate Yearly Progress drops this year

By Brooke Kelley - bio | email

Adequate Yearly Progress measures how well schools do from one year to the next.

So how are Georgia schools doing? More than 71 percent of Georgia's public schools made AYP, that's down from 79 percent over the previous year.

The drop is largely due to the higher academic bar in mathematics that students in elementary and middle school had to meet in order for a school to make AYP, according to the Georgia Dept. of Education.

What did the superintendent have to say about the numbers?

Supt. Randy Shearouse said two schools, Effingham County High School and Effingham County Middle School, didn't make the grade in math.

The state puts the results into sub-categories. Data show that students in the black sub-category at Effingham County High School did not pass the math portion of the Georgia high school graduation test.

Shearouse said Effingham County Middle School students with disabilities didn't meet the state standards in math for the CRCT. However, Shearouse said many of the students have already retaken the tests and the numbers could change. He also said this shouldn't discourage students or teachers because it's just one test that it doesn't determine whether a student will be successful.

He said it's discouraging because he knows how hard teachers and students work at both schools.

"The majority of our students are doing well, and this is just one shot of how our schools are doing," he said. "It really doesn't show the whole picture. It's not the only thing to say a child is doing well. You can look at other indicators of how our system ranks and in many areas, we are still in the top 50 in the school system," he said.

Shearouse said they always strive to do better and they have increased their graduation rate at both Effingham County High School and South Effingham High School.

He also said he's proud of his teachers and staff for all their hard work especially during this tough economic times.

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