Ft. Stewart committed to safety on the roads

FT. STEWART, GA (WTOC) - Ft. Stewart is committed to One Hundred Days of Summer Safety, especially on the roads.

Ft. Stewart is joining a state initiative to step up enforcement from mid-May to early September. Garrison commander Col. Kevin Milton says it's not about writing more tickets, but aimed at keeping soldiers, their families and civilians safe.

"Well it's not only speeding. Speeding is the one that we catch mostly with the radar, but we're also looking for the seatbelt usage, cell phone usage. And the safety checkpoints are helping us to catch folks who maybe have had too much to drink and shouldn't be on the highways," explained Col. Milton.

Speed limits are strictly enforced around Ft. Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield. You can get a ticket for going one mile an hour over the speed limit. And just because you don't see a military police car, doesn't mean there is not a radar around. Units on inconspicuous towers can clock a speeder long before they see a police vehicle.

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