Mayor pushing for smoking ordinance

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Savannah could soon be smoke free. City officials are ironing out the details for a new ordinance prohibiting smoking inside bars and outside their doorways.

On Wednesday, city council heard from bar owners stressing their concerns. They say not allowing smoking in their bars could hurt them financially because their patrons will go elsewhere.

They also have concerns that there will be crowds of smokers outside. They say bottom line, the city doesn't have the right. Mayor Otis Johnson said this ordinance will pass.

"The final parameters of ordinance have not been set which is why we're having the public hearings, to get input," Johnson said. 'If we were already determined on what we were doing we wouldn't be having public hearings."

A number of people also told council they're in favor of the ordinance.

The next public meeting is next Wednesday.

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