Two girls work to raise money for victim's family

By Christy Hutchings - bio | email

GUYTON, GA (WTOC) - Two girls are on a mission. They're trying to raise money for a girl they have never even met.

Instead of relaxing during their summer break, 11-year-olds Summer Roslin and Hannah Barclay are hopping behind the wheel trying to cover as much ground as possible; hoping that with every stop they're making a difference.

"Would you like to donate to the Brooke Singleton Memorial Fund," asked Summer Roslin a stranger.

Fourteen-month-old Brooke Singleton was beaten to death a few weeks ago. Her stepgrandmother charged with the crime. The story broke these girls' hearts. "Once we saw what had happened we wanted to know what we could do, how we could help," said Roslin.

They figured the best way was to raise money. So today the girls went door to door, talking to perfect strangers and collecting as much money as they can; so they can help the little girl's mother pay off the funeral costs.

One woman told the girls, "I bet your parents are really proud of you for doing this."

The girls aren't doing it for the glory, but for the girl that touched their heart. "What if you were in her position? You're fourteen months old, and you're helpless, you can't do anything," said Roslin.

There's nothing anyone can do to bring Brooke Singleton back, but what Summer Roslin and Hannah Barclay are hoping is that they can help her family through the suffering.

Both girls are also in the Girl Scouts. Their goal is to raise $200 for the Brooke Singleton Memorial Fund which is set up at Wachovia Bank.

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