Neighbors describe vehicle chase, shootout

By Brian Entin - email

A typically quiet neighborhood turned into a crime scene with a gunman on the loose.

Neighbors talked about Saturday night's pursuit and exchange of gunshots.

Police said it started with a high-speed chase in Magnolia Park on Savannah's east side near Thunderbolt. It ended with 31-year-old Steven Broadus in the hospital. He was charged with aggravated assault on a police officer.

Curtis McCall, a resident who lives in the area, was sitting on his porch when he heard an SUV come speeding around the corner.

Police said they were in pursuit after an SUV tried to avoid a checkpoint. Police said the SUV lost control, slammed into a fire hydrant and a nearby tree.

McCall said police pulled up behind the SUV and were chasing it. He said police told the SUV to halt, and Broadus jumped out the car, ran up the street and fired at the police officer.

Doug Stone said he heard four or five gunshots and looked out to see if he could see anything.

Police said Broadus took off down Pinetree Road on foot.

Police said that when officer Chris Tucker yelled for him to stop, Broadus shot at him, narrowly missing Rucker and striking his taser.

Police said Tucker fired back. Broadus got away near Skidaway Road, but he later turned up at Memorial Health with a gunshot wound.

Broadus has multiple convictions of obstruction of a law enforcement officer and fleeing from police, according to police records.

Neighbors still can't believe it happened where they live.

Stone said incidents like this don't happen there too often and he wasn't sure what to make of it.

Broadus is still in the hospital and was being watched by police and will be transferred to the jail when he's released from Memorial Health.

Tucker has been put on administrative leave, which is standard procedure in officer-involved shootings, as the investigation continues.

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