Pastor Calls for Peace

Flowers placed on the gates of Pure Pain Studios.
Flowers placed on the gates of Pure Pain Studios.

Some Savannahians are still coming to terms with the loss of a Savannah rapper who was shot and killed yesterday afternoon. About 4:30pm, shots rang out near 37th and Florance Streets outside the Pure Pain Studios. Camoflauge,  whose real name is Jason Johnson, was hit by at least one bullet while walking with his young son. The 21-year-old was rushed to Memorial Health and died a short time later. His son was not hurt in the attack.

Police have assembled a task force of detectives undercover officers and patrol officers to look into not just this shooting, but two others that have occurred in the past five days.

This latest act of violence has lots of folks in the community talking. Almost everyone in the neighborhood is shocked that someone was murdered not far from their doorsteps. They are also very upset that it was someone they knew very well. Someone they heard on the radio and watched in his videos on television.

Jason Johnson was no stranger to violence. Seven months ago, he was shot but survived. A few years ago, he was accused of murder but never tried. In spite of all that, he had a positive impact on a lot of young people in the community.

"A young man with hopefully a bright future here is gone," said Rev. Leonard Small of Litway Baptist Church. "His child could have been killed in the process. It's just a tragedy. This type of violence must stop."

Small believes this incident could lead to more violence unless someone can get the various factions to sit down and start talking.

"If anyone desires to sit down and try to work out the differences, other than with shooting and bullets and guns, they may reach me by calling me at the church," he said.

Small's church is in Thunderbolt, and he says he'll do anything he can to help put an end to the violence.

"If there is any way to stop it, we'll help transport from the area, we'll do whatever it takes to stop the violence," he said.

Reported by: Ron Wallace,