Heat warning drives campers indoors

By Brooke Kelley - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - If you went outside on Tuesday, you know that it was hot.

In fact, there was an excessive heat warning until 8 p.m. The risk of heat related illnesses are up and so many are doing whatever they can to beat the heat.

But what about all the children who are enrolled in Summer camps? Most of the activities are centered around being outside. But not today, many Summer camps took things inside.

WTOC found the majority of West Broad YMCA campers either playing basketball in the air conditioned gym or working on word puzzles in the computer lab.

Executive director Peter Doliber says they are spending lots of time indoors these days.

"It's been that way all summer we have weather alerts in both of our buildings and most of us have it built into our phones and we continue to get the alerts heat advisory so we are very conscious of it,"said Doliber.

While the campers are spending time indoors, they are still required to take water breaks.

"They have to stay hydrated and they have to stay cool one we are really thankful that thanks to the city and the county we have air conditioning in all of our buildings, which is making a huge difference but even that's not enough. We have to make sure they hydrate,"said Doliber.

But not everyone is spending time indoors.

We found some high school seniors who are on a mission trip from North Carolina who are braving the hot weather. Kristin Michael is one of them.

"Up in North Carolina it's not this hot but we are getting used to it,"said Michael.

They spent some time this afternoon working in the garden at the West Broad YMCA.

"We've been weeding the garden then built this cross stained all the benches and picnic tables,"said Michael.

They too are taking plenty of breaks and taking the excessive heat warning seriously.

"We keep hydrated and drink lots of water and sometimes take shifts by going inside," said Michael.

If your inside and cooling off your air conditioner is working overtime in this heat.

But if it breaks you could be waiting in line to get it fixed.

Robert Riley the owner of Riley Heating and AC company says he is working around the clock fixing one AC unit after the another. He was in Garden City on Tuesday checking on the Garden City Senior Centers air conditioning units.

He says  the summers in Savannah are a very busy time and if your air conditioner breaks you might not be the only one so you can expect a wait. However, Riley says there are several things you can do to make sure your AC is prepared for this hot weather.

Riley also says to set your thermostat in the mid seventies so your system doesn't have to work too hard. Check your air filters at least once a month and be ready to clean or replace them. Again call in a professional at least once a year just to have everything checked out.

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