Someone You Should Know--Laquaye Morris

You know what it's like when your kids get sick with something simple like a cold. So imagine what it's like for Laquaye Morris with diabetes. But he's a tough seven-year-old who never lets the disease slow him down. He seems like your average seven-year-old, but two days after his fifth birthday, something happened that changed his life forever.

"It was hard to wake him up, sort of lethargic," his mom, Mandisha, recalled. "He wouldn't respond to what we were saying."

Laquaye was rushed to the hospital where he was told he has type 1 juvenile diabetes. But his mom says he's dealing with it the best he can.

"It has been a struggle, but he has improved tremendously and now it's to the point where he knows how to test blood sugar himself and give his own shots," she said.

Laquaye hasn't let his diabetes get him down. He's involved in a lot of sports, including basketball and track, and he walks in an annual walkathon that helps to raise money and awareness about the disease. Then there's Camp Codiak, his favorite. It's a camp for kids with diabetes.

"We can swim in the swimming pool and play basketball and at night," Laquaye said. "We get to have spray paint and spray it in the girls' hair."

So you see, Laquaye is just your average kid who loves to play and have fun. He just has to be a little stronger, and so far he's risen to the challenge, making Laquaye Morris Someone You Should Know.

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