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Two Suspects Held in Car Break-in Investigation

James Clayton Huntley James Clayton Huntley
Raymond Williams Raymond Williams

Police now have two more suspects behind bars in connection with a rash of car burglaries in Savannah. There have been dozens of car thefts and break-ins over the past few weeks in midtown, and police received numerous tips to be on the lookout for a silver Ford Taurus. Today, they spotted it. 

"One of the officers on normal patrol spotted the vehicle posted earlier," police spokesman Bucky Burnsed said.

The officer first spotted the car on 71st Street and tried pulling it over, but the driver wouldn't stop. It rammed a car and kept going. The officer called for back up.

"He was able to marshal other officers into the area," said Burnsed.

Police continued following it, but the Taurus didn't stop until it rammed into this a red Chevy. SPD arrested James Clayton Huntley, Raymond Williams, and Xavier Jones shortly after.

"They've been up to no good for quite a while and we've been needing to get our hands on them," said Burnsed.

A gun was found in the car. Police say Huntley and Williams are convicted felons, which means under Project Ceasefire, if found guilty, they could end up in federal prison. Jones was released without being charged, but police say he's still a suspect.

Reported by: Holly Bristow,

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