Tonight on WTOC: Space debris to go on display

(Source: Jerry Gentile)
(Source: Jerry Gentile)

Pieces of space debris found on Hilton Head Island are going on public display at a museum. WTOC's Michelle Paynter will tell you where you can see them. Check out a slideshow of the space debris.

The Georgia Southern Eagles have set records in their level of NCAA football -- six national titles, eight championship games and more. But the program has fallen off from that success in recent years. Now they hope a new coach and a new offense will bring them back around. But neither the coach nor the playbook are really "new". Tonight on THE News, Bureau Chief Dal takes us inside the huddle to see why so much is riding on what the Eagles do on the field. Tune in to "the Only Option" Tuesday and Wednesday at 6 p.m.

Dangerous heat conditions continue. A heat advisory has been issued for several counties in Georgia and South Carolina. WTOC's Brooke Kelley is looking at how you can save some money on your energy bill.

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