How to save money on your electric bill

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RICHMOND HILL, GA (WTOC) - How would you like to save a little money on your electric bill? With this recent spell of hot weather many air conditioners are working on overdrive. But there are several little things you can do around the house to save money thanks Mark Bolton at Coastal Electric Cooperative.

"We are doing what we call an energy audit now first let me say this is an energy audit and nothing to be afraid of," said Bolton.

Mark Bolton with Coastal Electric Cooperative takes us on a tour of a vacant home in Richmond Hill to show us what we can do to our home in order to save some cash when it comes to our energy bill.

"An energy audit is a benchmark for a home, an inspection of a home and it's an inspection from an energy efficiency standpoint," Bolton explained.

Bolton says they look for all kinds of things from the refrigerator to measuring the windows and checking to see if they are energy efficient.

"The refrigerator, the thing to look for is it it has a good seal when the door closes," said Bolton. "We would recommend improvements in these windows they were good when the home was but not as good and up to the standards of a new home."

Bolton says they even check the hot water.

"If we need to we can go to the water heater and adjust it down to 120 degrees," said Bolton.

Bolton says not everyone can afford new windows or some of the other big ticket items.

Bolton says there are inexpensive things you can do like having a energy efficient shower head to energy efficient lightbulbs.

"If you don't make any change to your home when this weather repeats itself next year your gonna get the same bill plus a little more because the rates have increased," said Bolton.

"The improvements you make in your home now the money you spend in new things that will save you money as long as you live in the home and when you sell it because of the increased value of the home,"said Bolton.

And who doesn't want to get more bang for your buck?

Bolton says the biggest energy user right now is of course your air conditioner. He says a good way to save a little cash is to adjust the thermostat during the day.

Most utility companies will do an energy audit for free. For more information on some energy saving tips contact Coastal Electric Cooperative at 912.884.3311 or check out their website at

Visit for a tour on how to save around your home.

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