Barrow's Savannah campaign office burglarized

By Don Logana - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Congressman John Barrow's campaign office in downtown Savannah, hit by burglars.

Campaign staff found the glass door busted wide open Monday morning, and computer equipment was gone.

Glass left on the ground around the frame, and a wooden board where a door used to be are the only signs of a crime.

"It's a little disturbing," said Karen Chumley, who works next door to Barrow's campaign office on East Liberty Street.

Sometime on Sunday night, someone threw a brick through the glass door. Boxes of papers were thrown all over and a computer and wireless router were stolen.

"We felt like it was a good area. We never would have thought something like this would happen. We're shocked," Chumley said.

About a month ago, the Melt Body-Mind Fitness Studio opened up. Chumley said her boss liked the spot and thought it was safe.

"We have not had any trouble. Hopefully it won't happen again," she said.

Now, Savannah-Chatham Metro Police are looking for suspects. The Barrow campaign office manager, April Campbell, declined to comment on the break-in; however, police reports show the office fired two employees two weeks ago for lying to staff and the campaign is working to get their information to police.

"I didn't think of it that way. Maybe it was, but it could have been random. I don't know," Chumley said.

The break-in has woken up the Melt Body-Mind Studio, where they are on high alert.

"'I'm glad we have our light outside that stays lit all the time. It makes us feel a little bit better," Chumley said.

Police say the building had no alarm system and no security cameras inside or out. The investigation into the break-in is ongoing.

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