24-Hour Internet Cafe

The location at 49 Barnard St.
The location at 49 Barnard St.

In some cities, it seems like they have internet cafes on every corner, but there wasn't much in downtown Savannah. Until recently. Lenny Bere describes his business, Savannah Printing 24/7, as a kind of bazaar. It's bigger on the inside than it looks from outside, and offers computer and printing services, food and beverages, even a clothing store.

"We do graphic design, cards for a lot of the restaurant/bars in the area," Bere said. "Malone's, Mercury Lounge, O'Connell's, things like that. Internet access 24 hours. We also work on PCs and Macs. Wireless internet for outside. Serve food. We do a bunch of different things here."

Bere says his all-day, all-night print shop features self-service with assistance, and prides itself on the latest technology.

"On [our] website, there's an upload section," he explained. "You upload your file and it comes to our system here, we print it out, and in about an hour, you have your prints."

Downstairs, it's a more casual mood at the Hideaway Lounge, with comfortable seating and games both high and low tech. Manager Joanna Shane says the atmosphere can be conducive to studying or partying, depending on the crowd.

"You can go on the internet and play chess, and the other room is internet accessible, so you can play people around the world, which is a lot of fun," she says.

Whether you have serious business to conduct or are just looking to wind down after a night on the town, this 24-hour downtown destination aims to have something for everyone.

"Even children that come to print something out for Mother's Day," noted Bere.

They tell us they'll also be offering live entertainment and even backgammon tournaments, so it does look like they're after a little of everything.

Reported by: Charles Gray, cgray@wtoc.com