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Mayor Speaks on Shootings

With the recent surge in violent crime, what are Savannah's leaders doing to keep things under control? We spoke with Mayor Floyd Adams today. While he was reluctant to talk about the events at this point, he says despite the fact there's been four murder in five days, they're isolated incidents and there's no reason to over react.

"I'm consenting to this interview simply because I don't want to throw panic in the community," he told us.

Mayor Adams says since the first shooting that occurred Friday night, he's constantly been briefed by police. According to him, the recent rash of murders should not scare the community because they're isolated incidents.

"This is an in-house situation, and fortunately--there's two rival gangs going at each other and there's retaliation--but there's no general panic going on in the community," said Adams.

Mayor Adams says he has confidence in the city's police department and its chief to get the job done, but so far Chief Dan Flynn has been absent from the public eye. Chief Flynn has been out of the office for almost two weeks. He is expected to be back at work on Monday, but whether he's on vacation or out on business, police aren't saying.

"He's in constant communication with the city manager and the city manager is in constant communication with me," said Adams.

The mayor also says that there's more to a police department than just a chief, and he's confident the department is handling things well in the chief's absence.

"He's taking care of what he needs to do, probably for himself, his family, the City of Savannah," said Adams. "I have confidence in his personnel, he's in constant communication with his staff."

Last night's homicide is the 11th so far this year. Last year at this time there were 13.

Reported by: Elizabeth Garcia,

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