Surf Tybee Without Leaving the House!

It's almost officially summer, or the summer season at least, so how about a virtual day at the beach? We can't always make it to the beach, but at least now, we can surf there on the Internet.

Start with the city. Tybee has it's own web site, and it's actually pretty good. Lots of information, including a crawl with current weather conditions, which is great, since it might be raining where you are, but sunny at the beach. They have all the serious business links on island government, and some fun stuff. The reminder about the beach bums parade is the current headline, plenty of weather forecasts, and practical info, like links to pages about rip currents and current tides.

For more the more commercial side of Tybee, check out Starting with a tribute to the Space Shuttle, and a really neat shot of a shooting star near the lighthouse, you'll find lots of links on everything the island has to offer. Places to stay, play and pray. There are some links that could use an update, so don't be surprised.

It's one of the oldest landmarks on the east coast, showing off in the new world, cyberspace. Tybee Light has it's own web site, with a little history. For much more detail, check out their education page. It has a couple of documents you can download and use to teach your kids about the lighthouse. They're designed for teachers bringing classes, but they're a great resource for any visitor.

What visit would be complete without some shopping? there is a lighthouse store, with just a few items, but they're unusual, not your typical Tybee T-shirt. You'll still have to get some sand in your shoes to get that.