Effingham County students return to classroom

By Lynda Figueredo - bioemail

EFFINGHAM COUNTY, GA (WTOC) - The first day of school is under way for Effingham County students.

Some students started the day as early as 7:45 a.m. Monday.

Just as the sun began to rise over Effingham County, school teachers began to arrive at Blandford Elementary School in order to make their final touches to their classrooms, before the start of the first day of school.

"I had to get my room cleaned up and get organized to make it a good environment for them," said teacher and parent Helen Reynolds.

Then the teachers got into position, ready to receive the incoming Blandford Blue Jays.

"It's chaos the first morning," said teacher Diane Kandler. "It is chaos, because everyone wants to walk in with their child and as you can see there is not enough parking, but it is organized chaos because we know what we are doing. We are getting them out and getting them a tag, before they go to classroom, so they know how they are getting home."

"Good morning, do you know how they are getting home?" said Kandler to a parent.

Many of the students were escorted in by their parents donning crisp uniforms, new backpacks and lunch boxes.

"We have gone school clothes shopping," Reynolds said. "We bought school supplies. We have to have all the cool lunches boxes and all the nice new little gadgets for kids. They are so excited."

"I am most excited that I am going to give my teacher the stuff I wrote about her, and give her a picture," said second-grader Addison Reynolds.

As the morning rush continued, while trying to remember the lunch money and sleeping mats, some parents forgot the school zones.

The students still made it into class just in time for the morning announcements.

"Welcome to our school year," said principal Karen Durkin. "We would like to specially welcome our pre-k students and teachers on our site. Boys and girls we hope you have a wonderful first day of school."

Some Effingham County elementary schools also welcomed pre-k students into their schools this year. Due to budget cuts, the pre-k program was moved from the Central Learning Center and Marlow Learning Center back into the elementary schools.

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