SUV collides into house in downtown Savannah

By Don Logana - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Accidents happen from time to time, but sometimes, some places seem to be a little more prone.

Late Saturday night, an SUV crashed into a house along a one-way street in downtown Savannah.

No one was hurt, but what is unusual is this same house has been hit by vehicles more than a half dozen times.

Those who live near East Taylor and Drayton streets, know cars and trucks fly down this one-way route.

They may also, know, accidents happen, too.

"There have been many collisions here and this was absolutely the loudest, most dramatic one I ever heard," Robert Tucker said.

Tucker said that, after 33 years of living at 102 East Taylor St., there have been between 14 and 18 wrecks --  and almost half of them have involved his house.

"We've probably had six to eight collisions on the house," Tucker said.

On Saturday night, it happened again.

"It went up on the sidewalk, took out a sign on a pole,  a tree, then impacted the building," Tucker said about the SUV.

Christopher Singleton, 28, was arrested on charges of drunken driving, excessive speed and failure to maintain a lane. Police said he crashed his Ford Explorer into the side of the Tucker's home. All four passengers fled the scene.

"I think we've seen 6, but you lose count after a while," Ervin Hausten said.

Hausten lives just down the street. "It's a one-way street, and many don't realize it is a one- way street. They want to make a left to go to I-16 here and then they get hammered, and hammered right into this," he said.

The Tuckers asked the city of Savannah to put in two stops signs to help prevent accidents, which the city did.

Then, they asked for pedestrian crossing signs, which were also put up in hopes of slowing down traffic. In this case, none of the signs worked.

"Maybe short of a barrier wall, there would have been no stopping them," Tucker said.

The insurance company is working a claim. The last one was $15,000.

"I felt like my time was due on this one, that we went too long without a collision," Tucker said. "Sooner or later it would happen, and here it is."

The Tuckers plan on asking the city to a steel barrier along the sidewalk to at least try to prevent anymore collisions into their home.

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