Neighborhood upset with CSX

By Christy Hutchings - bio | email

RINCON, GA (WTOC) - Waiting for a train to pass, isn't anything new for the people who live in the 15th Street area. They have to cross the tracks everyday to get to and from their homes, but what is new is their growing frustration toward the company who runs the tracks.

Last week CSX told residents they would be closing the tracks all day Monday to complete some much needed repairs. The problem is CSX still hasn't shown up. "I'm really upset. I have had to take two half days off of work already to come out here and pick up my children," said Carrie Williamson.

Williamson has taken time off work to make sure her children get home safely. When CSX closes the tracks, cars won't be able to get through.  Her children will be dropped off on the other side of the tracks and have to walk home. "My children are females, and I just don't want to compromise their safety," said Williamson.

Neighbor Andrea Audesey has been parking her car on the other side of the tracks, so she would be able to have transportation. "This is pretty frustrating. This is the second time this week that I have done this. They keep telling us they're going to fix it."

When CSX is going to fix it keeps changing. First it was Monday, then Tuesday and now it's Wednesday. Vickie Exley has also been parking on the other side of the track and is pretty frustrated. Exley said, "I went into Savannah and stayed all day, and then today we saw the sign was changed, so we did the same thing today."

Victoria Rogers is also at her wits end. "Everyone is having to work around this, nothing is being done, everyone is frustrated," she told WTOC.

And everyone just wants to know when this project will actually start and finish. "Let people know what's going on, so they can get on with their lives," said Williamson.

CSX tells WTOC they've had equipment problems which caused the delay. The equipment is now back up and running, so the work will be completed on Wednesday. CSX is hoping to have the road back open around 4:30 p.m. CSX has also made arrangements to have a fire truck and ambulance stationed inside of the neighborhood in case of an emergency.

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