Take the Back Seat Boredom Out of Vacation Road Trips!

It's official! At least when it comes to vacations, if not the calendar. The summer season has started. And if you're hitting the road for that family vacation, we found something more important than road maps, fast food guides and gas station listings.

Before you pack the car, surf your way to Mom's Mini van. There are hundreds of ideas on making road trips more fun and less torture for you and your kids. Start with the obvious games, some with new twists, like counting cows or making phrases out of license plate letters. How about a song? the site is a little sneaky, slipping in ads for games and books, like song books along with the ideas, but at least they're on- topic. There's a free section with all the lyrics for most of the favorites.

Here's a great suggestion... Have the kids start a scrapbook about the trip, picking up souvenirs, even cheap ones, and pictures, and most importantly, memories along the way. They can plan this one for hours between stops.

They break the ideas down by age group, so there's something for everyone, from teens to toddlers. Even ideas that might make baby's first trip a better experience.

My favorite though is probably the games you can print. Do your homework now, check the games and print some of the cards now, like the highway bingo game, so you can pack them before the trip and have them ready to play before things get boring. If you spend a little time surfing around here, and planning, and printing, your next road trip with the kids will be much more fun for everyone.