Marines, Sailors Return

About 10:30pm last night, a commercial airliner carrying approximately 125 Marines from Marine Wing Support Squadron 273 and Marine Air Control Squadron 2, along with sailors from the Naval Hospital in Beaufort landed at the Beaufort Air Station. A huge crowd gathered to welcome them. The troops say, after being so far away from home, it's great to finally be back.

"Overwhelming, it's been so long," said Cpl. Phillip Williams. "My son was only about a month and a half old when I left, he's almost six months old now and he's grown a lot. My wife is just as beautiful as ever."

The troops returning last night spent most of their tour of duty in Kuwait, but some of them did make forays into Iraq. Some of the family members we spoke with say they're glad they found out about those missions after the missions were safely finished.

Only two groups of Beaufort Marines are still on deployment and should be home some time this summer.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,