Classmates Help Injured Child

Christopher Scott night at Skukuzoo.
Christopher Scott night at Skukuzoo.

You probably have a quarter in your pocket or on the dresser somewhere. It's not a big deal. But for one youngster, those quarters are adding up to a lot of help. Last month, a truck ran kindergartener Christopher Scott over. He survived, but needs a lot of medical help, like three surgeries so far. And his family doesn't have insurance. His classmates are pitching in with fundraisers like Quarters for Christopher. Last night, some kids played the night away to help Christopher and his family.

Just by doing what they love to do best--playing--Hesse Elementary School students raised money for a classmate in need.

"Christopher is a really happy boy who was run over by a truck on his foot," one classmate said.

It's been a very trying time for Christopher's family.

"It's tough, you take one day at a time," said his grandmother, Linda Perry.

Christopher Scott's parents don't have health insurance, so last night, the $3 children's entrance fee at the Skukuzoo play center went to help his family with hospital bills. He's already had three surgeries to save his foot and needs another.

"He's doing a lot better," said Perry. "We're trying to figure out what to do with his foot."

Even though Christopher is still in the hospital, his grandmother brought his two younger brothers out to play with his classmates. She wants them to know how much the family appreciates their support.

"It's great," she said. "I always try to help people when I can. They say you get what you give."

She says it helps Christopher knowing how much his school family cares. And it also helps his family, knowing just how many kids and parents are trying to help them.

They raised over $200 at last night's event. If you'd like to help, donations can be made at any Bank of America in the name of Christopher Scott, Jr.

Reported by: Holly Bristow,