Couple Seeks Anonymous Patriotic Girl

The prayer tree with its ribbons and the special note.
The prayer tree with its ribbons and the special note.

In the wake of the attack on America and continuing through the war with Iraq, American pride has been running strong throughout our area. One of the most touching displays of patriotism is a prayer written by a young girl for our troops overseas. But she didn't sign the letter. The owners of a prayer tree where she left it want to say thanks, but don't know who to call.

Everyone else was leaving a bow on the tree, but this girl couldn't afford one, so she left a truly touching note. The Haldeman's show their patriotic spirit in just about every way imaginable, like putting up patriotic lights on their front yard and by having the special prayer tree.

"The prayer tree is a place anyone can come to and add a bow as a call to remember our soldiers in prayer," Bob Haldeman explained.

Yellow bows dot this tree all over. But there is also a special letter and prayer.

"My wife was home and heard the mail slot and we already got our mail and she wondered what's this, and she found a piece of notebook paper," Bob explained.

It reads, "To whoever lives here, I'm only 13 and don't get an allowance so I have no special bows to add to your lovely tree, so I wrote a prayer instead."

"It was so touching to read the letter, I was almost is tears talking to her," recalled Betty Haldeman. She was so touched, she forgot to ask a very important question: the girl's name. And now they can't find the girl.

The Haldeman wanted to do something special with the letter, so they laminated it and put it on the tree where everyone can see it. They wait outside each day to see if the girl walks by, and they keep it lit up at night.

"We're hoping we can find her, cause we'd like to thank her in person," said Betty. She added she'd like to hire the girl to cat sit for a week, so she can buy her own bow for the tree.

The Haldemans even took the letter to Shuman Middle School to show the principal in hopes of finding who the girl is but they had no luck.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,