German Heritage Society present WWII veterans with donation

By Lynda Figueredo - bioemail

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The German Heritage Society is stepping up to help Savannah's World War II memorial become a reality.

On Wednesday, they presented the WWII Committee with a check for $19,225.00.

The German Heritage Society held a two-month campaign in order to raise the funds for the monument.

"I can not think of anything more important," said Thomas A. Davis, of the German Heritage Society of Savannah. "The WWII veterans have gone far too long without being honored without this kind of monument. I feel very strongly about it, as do the members of the German Heritage Society."

Progress is also being made on the grounds. On Wednesday, 29 helical piers will be drilled into the ground.

Those piers will support each of the 12,000-pound half-of-the-world-apart globes that represent the global conflict of WWII.

"Opens up a big door for us, as you know we are trying to raise over 200 thousand dollars to finish this up," said chairman of the Veterans Council Bill Quinan. "This will certainly help us reach that goal. We can't say enough thank yous."

The Veterans Council said the monument is expected to be completed by October and they hope to have a dedication in November, just in time for Veterans day.

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