Get ready for the 2010 Arthritis Walk

By Brooke Kelley - bio | email

The 2010 Arthritis Walk is about five weeks away, and Wednesday was the big kickoff for the fund-raiser.

There's still time to set up a team and walk to help the Arthritis Foundation, which helps those who are suffering from the debilitating disease.

A Screven County family at the kickoff event is greatly affected by the disease.

Kathryn Cox, 10, was diagnosed with arthritis at 2 years old.

"It hurts really bad it mainly hurts in my joint and in my fingers and in my ankles," Cox said.

Kathryn's mother, Kacee Cox, said they never knew children could be affected by this debilitating disease.

"One afternoon she fell trying to step on a step. We said OK something is wrong. We took her to the doctor and they had never seen her before," Kacee Cox said.

"They told us they could treat it and she has it in every joint in her body, including her jaws,"said Kacee Cox.

Each day, Kathryn has to take medication just to get out of bed.

"What you don't see is in the morning, like today, she got up and said, 'Momma, my ankle hurts,'" said Kacee Cox.

Thanks to the Arthritis Foundation, the Cox family is getting the help and support they need.

"They educated us [and] told us we are not alone, and there are lots of children with this disease," Kacee Cox said.

All the All the money raised at the Savannah Arthritis Walk in September will stay in the community and help with education and research to find a cure.

"The money people donate to the foundation goes to these children directly. It benefits their lives, and she isn't as awkward as she was in the beginning because she's not alone," said Kacee Cox.

She's certainly not alone. The Arthritis Foundation's Emily Young said they help thousands of people in our alone area who are suffering with the disease.

"It's the No. 1 disability in the country, and the more we educate and show people they can make a difference and give them the tools to understand the smallest difference they do impacts the lives of these people," Young said.

WTOC is a proud sponsor of the Arthritis Walk.

If you want more information of how you can get involved or even if you want to donate check out and to sign up for the walk

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