Large egg recall has some concerned

By Jaime Dailey - bio | email

BEAUFORT, SC (WTOC) - Federal health officials have identified Georgia as one of the states that could be affected by the massive egg recall.

The tainted eggs are from an Iowa farm and sold nation-wide under various names. So far, no reports in South Carolina but many are still concerned especially knowing how large this recall is.

Some like their eggs scrambled, others like them sunny side up. But at the Waffle House on Lady's Island, they serve up a lot of them in all different ways.

"Ninety percent of our business is eggs," said Larry Farmer, Waffle House owner.

So when the recall was announced, Farmer took action immediately.

"The first thing I did is call the guy we get our eggs from and find out where he gets his eggs from," said Farmer.

Luckily the eggs used at the restaurant on Lady's Island are asafe. Still, they were concerned it might impact business. But they say it hasn't stopped customers from ordering up their favorite eggs on the menu.

"I did quite a bit of reading and I thought it was safe," said Mel Harring. "They were as good as ever."

At local grocery stores, we found signs posted, reassuring customers the eggs on the shelf are safe. But some aren't taking any chances.

"It's going to stop me from buying eggs for awhile," said Rhonda Hermes. "I will not make deviled eggs. I'll just have to get what we can get from our chickens and have that."

"After I finish the dozen at home, I won't buy anymore," said Mildred Griffin.

"You're taking a chance just trying to eat it," said Mike Smith.

Cajun Veronie says he's not going to let it stop him from enjoying the popular breakfast food.

"I don't let it determine what I do," said Veronie. "I'll buy my eggs and eat them."

"No it won't stop me from eating eggs but I'll make sure I know where they came from, but it's like the spinach crisis, the lettuce and tomatoes, we just have to be careful," said Cecille Door.

To find out if your eggs are on the recall list, look for a four digit number of the side of the carton that starts with the letter P. The numbers being recalled are 1026, 1413, 1946, 1720 and 1942.

Doctors recommend throwing out any eggs that might be contaminated.

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