Saying goodbye to Decorius and Kierra Fabin

By Christy Hutchings - bio | email

PEMBROKE, GA (WTOC) - Tuesday, friends and family came together to say goodbye to two children killed more than a week ago in a car accident.

Hundreds packed the Jerusalem Baptist Church in Pembroke to 8-year-old Decorius Fabin and 15-year-old Kierra Fabin.  Everyone stood as the family walked down the aisle, taking one last look at the children they loved so dearly. Their mother Teresa Fabin, and sisters had a hard time getting through the service.  Friends and family tried to comfort them through this trying time.

Joseph Evans told the family, "Just reflect and think back on the times that you had with them."

Decorius made everyone fall in love with him. Evans told the crowd Decorius was so sweet, he made you want to have another baby, even at the age of 60 or how Kierra could always make you smile. She would have been going into the 10th grade this year at Johnson High School in Savannah. Her principal, Dr. Freddie Gilyard, said she was a wonderful student who excelled. "She will be a missed part about the Johnson High school family, but I am here to tell you she was an atom smasher through and through."

There were a lot of tears, but through their grief they found strength and comfort in each other. Kierra and Decorius died way too young, but their memory will live on.

The community really came together to help out this family. Originally the funeral was scheduled for last Saturday, but the family had to cancel the service because they didn't have money to pay for it.

Garden City Police and Fire departments heard the story and decided to raise the money themselves. On Monday they gave the children's mother a check for more than $11,000.

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