Beach High School construction approved by board

By Brooke Kelley - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Sales tax dollars are going to help pay for another new school in the Savannah-Chatham County School District.

The board approved the contract for a new Beach High School in a special board meeting.

For Project Manager Joe Wallace overseeing the Beach High School project is a dream come true. Wallace is a Beach High School alumni and is looking forward to the opportunity to supervise the contruction of his neighborhood school.

"We will build Beach and it will be a successful program and beautiful school," said Wallace.

He says Beach has a lot of history in the neighborhood.

"They've been needing a new Beach," he told WTOC.

This is a chance for fresh start for a school that is on the state's needs improvement list.

Superintendent Dr. Thomas Lackamy says the board's contract approval is a step in the right direction and what's even more exciting is that W.G. Mills, a local company, will be building the new school.

"You keep your money at home you're going to support the economy of Chatham County. You're going to support a lot of people and I think that's important so money will stay nearby and that we are taking care of the people who support us," Dr. Lockamy told WTOC.

Now that the board has approved the contract, the first thing that will happen is the demolition of the old Hodge Elementary School.

"From there we will begin the building of the new Beach High School," District Chief Operations Officer Otis Brock said.

As for the current Beach High School, it will eventually be demolished also, except for the Gym and Media Center. Both of those building will get a makeover.

District Chief Operations Officer Otis Brock says the new school will be paid for through E-SPLOST, a one cent sales tax Chatham County voters approved back in 2006.

"It's complimentary of the great things going on with Beach High School. We've reorganized the school. We have a new administration there," Brock said.

The school is expected to be completed and open in fall of 2012. Brock says the school will focus on the medical and allied health program and will eventually offer clinics for the community.

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