Editorial Feedback - 08/24/10

I always listen and most of the time agree with Mr. Cathcart!  However, in today's (8/24/10) commentary - he really should take his own advice from Abraham Lincoln.  Has he never heard of HAARP, in Alaska?  Surely he is not that niave!  If he would like to do a story someone could put their teeth into - WTOC should do a report on HAARP, unless he is intimidated by the powers that be!  If there's nothing there to report - why are their pictures of it on the web,  and an Official US Government Website.   etc.  Our atmosphere was not intended to have microwaves shot through the ionisphere - this is what is manipulating the weather!  IT IS TRUE and the US Government is responsible via the US Airforce Base Station HAARP!

Michelle DuBois
Savannah, GA