Savannah Bike Registration

It was a little like Christmas morning for some kids today, complete with new bikes. Savannah's auctioning off bikes police recovered. For as little as a few dollars, many bicycles are now finding new homes. It was also a reminder about protecting your own bike so it doesn't wind up on the auction block.

Charelsetta Alston was at the auction for her daughter, Vanessa. "Vanessa needed a larger bike then the one she has and we couldn't afford to get a bigger one right away, so that's why were here to take advantage of the auction," she said.

As these unclaimed bicycles were auctioned off one by one at the police barracks on Savannah's Habersham Street, many people there were able to afford something they otherwise couldn't.

"I love this bike. It's a beautiful bike and it was a good buy," said new bike owner Betty Wright. "The regular price is almost three, four hundred dollars."

Luckily, she paid half that. Out of all the bikes that were auctioned off today, not one of them was registered, which is really good for all of those who got new bikes, but not so good for the people that lost them in the first place. That's why these auctioned bikes are also getting registered. And the cost for any bike to be registered?

"Absolutely free, doesn't cost you a thing," said police spokesman Bucky Burnsed.

If you own a bike and don't want it to someday end up at the auction, all you have to do is register it. You can download the registration form here, and you'll have to make an appointment with your precinct. Contact the following officers:

And visit the Savannah Police Department website for more details.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,