Godley Station School welcomes students

By Lynda Figueredo - bioemail

POOLER, GA (WTOC) - The first day of school is always exciting, new supplies, new clothes, new faces. But these students are even more anxious because they are entering a new school in Pooler, Godley Station School.

"I am nervous," Mia Johnson told WTOC.

Mia Johnson and her mother arrived early at Godley Station School to check out the new building.

While she is starting the sixth grade, she will still be attending a school with Elementary age students. Godley Station School is Pre-K through eighth grade.

"It will be weird going to school with little kids but last year I was a first grade helper, so it will be fun going to school with them," Johnson said.

"Pre-K through eight, it is a concept about building community, keeping kids in the same location from pre k through eighth grade and allowing them to be involved with culture of school," explained sixth grade math teacher Billy Lee.

And parent seem to be liking the concept. The school is already up to capacity with about 1,200 students enrolled.

"Get these guys more time to be with each other, have one in fifth and two in third grade, so it allows them to stay together longer," said parent Delton Johnson.

"We may have to add teams to alleviate classroom overcrowding, 30 per class," said Godley Station School Principal Allison Schuster-Jones.

She says the community response has been overwhelming.

"We are so exciting about today," Principal Schuster-Jones said with a smile. "We have been looking forward to this day for a long time. This is a tremendous facility and a great community and the teachers are anxious to get started."

"I can't wait to go to school," added Johnson.

Students also started at the new Hodge Elementary School and the new Islands High School as well as the improved Garrison and Shuman Elementary Schools.