Hands Across the Border

By Christy Hutchings - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Did you see the long blue line running from state to state? Hundreds of law enforcement officers from all over Georgia and South Carolina swarmed the Talmadge Bridge for "Hands Across the Border."

Shortly before 9 pm Thursday night, officers from a number of different departments crossed into Georgia from Savannah. After a brief ceremony, the officers went straight to work.

They stopped every driver that crossed over the state line. Obviously the main focus is to get impaired drivers off the street, but officers were also looking at other things like checking to make sure children are in the right car seat. They actually gave drivers booster seats to put children in to make sure they're safe.

Officers from both states want people to know they're working together.   Captain Matt Libby with Port Wentworth Police said, "The job of keeping the roadways safe is hard enough when it's just one agency, or one officer, but if we're able to pull resources for the same common goal it's a win-win situation for the community."

South Carolina's Highway Patrol says they've made 9,000 DUI cases so far this year, and they've had fewer fatality accidents.  They say the two go hand and hand.

Police also said when the checkpoint is over the officers will walk to the top of the Talmadge Bridge and see what people may have tossed from their cars. They say every year they find a number of guns.

Officers will be out in force throughout the Labor Day weekend.

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