High-Tech Home Fix-It Tips!

Is there some spring cleaning in your future? What about home repairs you've been putting off all winter long? I found a place on the 'web that might just help with the "honey do" list. Who better than Better Homes and Gardens to tell you how to better your home? I went looking for a little help with some chores I thought were over my head, and found their home improvement encyclopedia . They break it down very nicely into three key categories, Inside your home, Outside your home, and home systems, like electricity and plumbing. There's also a drop down menu with the top ten repairs, a quick reference to the quick reference.

I went straight to the most common, most annoying, and often most expensive problems, the systems and hit on the quick fixes. Each section has on, and this one hits the biggest offenders, like stopped up pipes. Who hasn't had to deal with that? You don't want to talk about it, but better know how to do it, like using a plunger on the toilet. There is actually a right way and a wrong way, and the next step if that doesn't work. Let's back out of the bathroom and move on to something less urgent but more challenging.

Do you have a light switch that just doesn't work? you can fix it, they'll show you how. First, if you're really a klutz, don't try this at home. Electricity is nothing to mess around with. But, with a little skill, lots of caution, and their instructions, you can check and change a switch. They'll even talk you though it.