Hostage situation at Fort Stewart ends peacefully

By Lynda Figueredo - bioemail

FORT STEWART, GA (WTOC) - Authorities on Fort Stewart are investigating a hostage situation that occurred Monday morning.

Base officials say a man, who is a former soldier, walked into the Winn Army Hospital, a little after 4 this morning.

According BG Jeffrey Phillips, he was demanding behavior healthcare and was carrying four firearms.

Phillips said the man grabbed a medic and took her up to the third floor, where behavioral healthcare is provided. He said the man took two more hostages. One of which who is a senior nurse on call, Maj. Shelton, a medic and another soldier who is employee at the hospital. Shelton was able to talk the man into letting the hostage go and disarming.

BG Phillips said that took about an hour.

"He's in custody. No shots were fired. There were no injuries," Phillips told WTOC.

The suspect is on base and is being questioned. He said he was unhappy with services provided there.

Winn Army Hospital was on lockdown for a short time, but has since reopened.

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