Editorial feedback - 08/23/10

Oh how far have you fallen America.

As so often I am volunteering once again. This time in a facility in California. The road was re-paved in this park and a sign placed on the outside stating what a good idea the stimulus was.

Total nonsense by self-centered politicians. The paving is done and so are the jobs. What happened to your people, oh Beautiful for spacious skies? Starting one second after midnight next year the taxes will increase by 3 trillion Dollars. No jobs again, on the contrary, oh amber waves of grain.

This time the shaft doesn't come from the Saudis but out of D.C. once again. And they want to be voted in again. Well, IF you believe the lies. Please, wake up and smell the roses, at the latest on Nov. 2nd......and especially in 2012. We cannot have another four years of Chicago style politics with Czars after Czars.

As for the Mosque on Ground Zero. It doesn't matter the funding, as all funding comes from violent and fierce government sources, the same sources that funded 9-11.

The question is: Right or Wrong?

As Christians, we must always remember that we are "resident aliens" in this oppressed world, soldiers of the kingdom of God stationed behind enemy lines with a unique, all consuming, holy calling on our life.

On top of it all, how can a "real" Christian vote for any abortion now surpassing the 50.000.000 mark. Remember not even a bird falls to the ground and God doesn't know about it.

So, don't vote pocket book, vote Bible book , IF IN FACT, He lives in you.

Choose this day whom you will serve !

Juergen Sievers
Midway, Ga.