Target's Impact on Savannah

Adding several hundred jobs and a few more choices is a good way to generate a buzz around the Coastal Empire, and that's just what Target coming to town is doing. But what kind of economic impact will it have? Bluffton's Target has been open for some time, so WTOC looked into what sort of impact has it's had.

When a store topping more than 125,000 square feet moves in, it makes its presence felt. Someone's got to keep that big building running. People we talked with at Target's corporate office say they can't comment on whether a new Target is coming to Savannah, but they did say that in general, when a new store opens, it can bring up to 250 new jobs.

"Any time you have a new large business come into your area, it's going to have an impact," said Susan Thomas of the Bluffton Chamber of Commerce. "It's going to create some new jobs immediately in your area, and it's also going to add another level of service."

Shoppers at Bluffton's Target said they're pretty sure it won't take long for a new Savannah store to get settled.

"They'll get big crowds just like other places," said shopper Julie White. "Bluffton, Mount Pleasant, any place that Target goes. It's a one-of-a-kind store."

"I was hoping for one to be in Savannah. Convenient, because I'll be in Savannah all the time," said William Hopkins. "So if I'm in Savannah, I'll stop at Target, and if I'm in Carolina, I'll stop at Target, whichever's convenient for me and I'm there."

The Savannah Chamber of Commerce has confirmed that the new Target will be at the Savannah Mall,  replacing the empty building Belk used to be in.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,