Editorial feedback - 09/06/10

Tonight's editorial by MR. Bill really offened me so much that I had to reply. I have been a water treatment system operator for 35 years. Your Mr. Bill is so obsessed by problems overseas that he does not know where he gets his drinking water and where he puts it when he is through using it. I have been a licensed professional in this industry for 35 years and later this year it will be 36. He has a lot of FN gaul about who are heros and who are'nt. this nights editorial really PO'd me as someone who has the top certifications in my field of expertise and I think more than enough years of service. If I were still in the military I would have been retired and collecting your fracking tax dollars for over 20 years and living off your tax dollars as some consultant and sucking up retirement money to boot. You make all cops, firemen, Armed forces..heros. They sir are just like me and your trash collector and your mailman and your barber and your waiter/waitress are..people in service who have a job and go to it every Fracking day. Having served my country in the Ga. National Gaurd during Viet Nam I am jaded, but you must take off your very dark glasses and think about that drink of water you have every day when you wash your face. I do not think you have any otherwise or else you would see all the heros in your life..... not just that those...THAT YOU..say serve..Many of us serve sir, you just can not see us.

Charles Christie
Savannah, GA

Thank you for your fine 9-6-10 editorial. YES, I thank my God for the privilege to come to this wonderful country  more than 40 years ago, legally, of course. I volunteered for the armed service and received an honorable discharge, of course. For quite a few years I had my own business, took risks and nobody got the shaft, of course. I simply worked and worked, even on Labor Day, of course. The America I entered and the one I see now are two different countries. Quite a few countries are rejoicing in this. BUT I also see a grass root movement worth mentioning. Could it be that there are enough people left who are fed up and willing, if need be, to go to the barricades, to turn back to the God of our fathers which we mocked, ridiculed and dishonored ? Could it be that enough people are repenting and turning from their wicked, godless ways and turning to the only hope we have ? Could it be that enough people realize that materialistic garbage is just that ? We will either change or we will fail. Choose this day whom you will serve. Forgive us God, we have sinned against Thee, Thee only. Restore to us the joy of your salvation, guide and lead us again.

Juergen Sievers
Midway, GA